Award Winning UK Web Design Agency

Looking for web design services from an award winning UK company? At Perceptant 101, we love nothing more than designing visually stunning business websites that provide an unrivalled user experience. Collectively, we've been doing this for more than ten years and pride ourselves in consistently exceeding customer expectations by creating concoctions that mix unconventional thinking, ground breaking design and ROI.

Unconventional thinking, leading design…

Whether you need a business website, e-commerce store, customer portal or simply a place to display company information online, our award-winning website design and web development team will work with you to provide a solution that's tailored to your needs.

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From a technical perspective, customers can choose from a range of content management systems (CMS) including Joomla, Drupal, Magento and Wordpress or we're equally happy to craft bespoke websites and app's using HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP.

You have 3 seconds…

Did you realise you have less than 3 seconds to keep a user on your website. How will you manage to grab their attention? We are experts in designing & building highly effective business websites that provide:

  • A clear message that provides users with answers to initial questions.
  • Strong calls-to-action that incite users to take the next step with you.
  • An intuitive user interface which makes navigating your website a breeze.

Our Development Process

Understanding your needs and goals

We firstly spend time with you to understand your goals and ensure that key business requirements will be addressed. We then propose and demonstrate several approaches in broad outline so that we can scope the project, plan our joint contributions and ensure resources are available to meet your needs.

Project Planning

The website planning process consists of organising all of your ideas, your objectives, and coming up with a development plan and timeline that will fulfil these requirements while remaining within budget.

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Your website architecture is created along with a sitemap, showing you all pages that need to be included in the design. Wireframes are then created, which act as placeholders for various types of content and features. This saves both designer and developer time, by creating a roadmap for the creation of your entire website.

Design specifics are planned out such as colours and general aesthetics. Development items such as framework, programming languages, and the type of CMS that will be used are also finalised.


Based on the wireframes created during the planning phase, our designers go to work to create very unique interfaces that not only match your branding, but are also effective in achieving your goals, such as increasing revenue generated by the website. Our website development team is trained to look at websites from not only a design and development perspective, but also from a business perspective, where ROI is the key metric.


Our development team goes to work once designs are finalised for the websiteís front-end interface. They code the website in html and css, then depending on the scope of the project, may add a CMS. All development work is done to the latest W3C Standards and using latest technologies when applicable such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Our Customers

What they do and where they're based

We design websites (and a lot more) for start-ups through to large multi-nationals. Industries we cover include Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Services, Local Government, Central Government and High Tech. Our focus is strictly on the UK though and we're proud to say we have delighted customers the length and breadth of the country, including: