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Perceptant101 is one of the leading Drupal Web Design Agencies in the UK. Our Drupal Web Developers & Website Designers, possess many years experience in Drupal and lay claim to numerous complex Drupal Development projects.

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Whether you have an existing Drupal implementation that requires maintenance or improvement, a Drupal module that needs coding and/or enhancing or a new website for development, we can help.

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Why Drupal…

For those in the know, Drupal is a widely used content management system (CMS) solution that is free, flexible, scalable and robust. Some of the largest and most powerful sites in the world use Drupal, ranging from growing organisations to governments and major media powerhouses. Well known users of Drupal include Nike, MTV, Symantec, Nokia, Sony and McDonalds.

Drupal Experts…

At Perceptant101, we recognise that selecting the right CMS is key to your online strategy. Therefore, it's important to note that Drupal empowers start-ups and major multi-nationals alike to quickly and effectively customise and manage their web presence, through well proven and effective content management processes. To maximise the benefits of the Drupal CMS platform, we have a highly experienced team of Drupal experts, ready to find the most creative and effective solution for your business.

Perceptant101 is also a proud member of the Drupal Association, which is dedicated to helping the Drupal Community collaborate, share and build upon its successes.

Years of Experience…

Whilst many companies claim to be Drupal experts, only a few have the experience, references and and track record to substantiate this. Our expertise with Drupal spans many years, with projects ranging from designing and developing content driven websites to social networks, business portals, e-commerce solutions, mobile websites and much more. For either Drupal 6, 7 or 8, we also offer custom extension development, catering for features not available in the current platform.

The types of Drupal projects we regularly deliver, include:

  • Static to Drupal website conversion: The process of taking designs and data from your current site and migrating it to the dynamic and flexible Drupal CMS platform.
  • Drupal installation: Implementing and configuring the Drupal CMS platform to meet your exact needs
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  • Drupal hosting: Dedicated or cloud based severs optimised and pre-loaded with the Drupal CMS environment
  • Custom Drupal Themes: When an off the shelf template just doesn't cut it, we design and develop custom Drupal themes that deliver key business functionality.
  • Drupal Modules and Extensions: We design and develop a new Drupal modules and extensions that enhance the functionality of the Drupal CMS platform.
  • Drupal Integration: We can integrate Drupal with third-party applications including SAP, Sage, SugarCRM, Oracle, Salesforce.com and more.
  • Drupal Tuning & Performance Improvement: Fine tuning Drupal to improve response times and the customer experience.

Drupal & Our Customers…

At Perceptant 101, we have been working with Drupal for many years now. Our ability to build CMS solutions using Drupal is unmatched and we are able to work with any size and type of business to create what they need. Here are a few examples of how we used Drupal to improve the web presence of our clients:

  • Re-authoring a UX (user experience) to drive additional revenue and win new customers
  • Delivering a new corporate website, including integrated PR, document management and events management
  • Building a customer portal, including online support ticketing and technical documentation library
  • Developing an educational community portal, including scoring, e-learning and promotional exertions.
  • And much more...

Whatever you are looking to accomplish with the Drupal content management system, we can help. For a no-obligation quotation or to discuss a potential project, please call us or use our contact form by clicking here