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Increasing traffic to a website is obviously important, even essential to the success of any online business. But driving traffic to your site or your blog is only a part of a process which should be a seamless assembly of its parts. If visitors are met with a confused welcome, colours which are over-bright or content which is purely about selling to them, then they will quickly search elsewhere.

One shining example of how to get it right is the landing page of Perceptant 101’s clients, Global Brands. The internationally recognised drinks business engages  visitors straight away with superb photography and a clear, uncluttered message. First impressions count for a lot, so if visitors to your site are put off by “loud” colours or banners, an irritating wait for Flash content to load or, worst of all, irrelevant music, they will remember it and never return. Whatever trust you were hoping for, whatever integrity you were hoping to convey, will be lost.

Let’s just say you are a plumber in Sheffield. People in Sheffield inevitably have leaks in their home, and need to call a plumber. So they will type “plumber Sheffield” into their favourite search engine, or Google, as it is called. If your website has unattractive blocks of white text on red banners, an out-of-focus photo of blokes standing in front of a white van and no indication of your charges, they are likely to go elsewhere.

Conversely, if your site says “trustworthy”, and has an interesting, well-informed and well-researched blog, they are more likely to call you. Of course, an hour of searching will mean that the puddle in their kitchen is getting deeper, and the poor householder will call any plumber in Sheffield out of desperation.

Of course, when the plumber’s phone rings, he will not want to quiz the prospective client about his website, whether the colours were too garish, and if they had spotted any typos in the content. He will be putting his tool bag in the van and heading for the leak.

Having a well-researched, relevant and readable blog will help your site in both increasing traffic and engaging visitors. Your blogging can reach out to your social media networks and link visitors back to your site. Having a blog written, for example, by the blogger’s children, is just one of the many quirky ways to make your blog stand out from the rest. Looking around the internet and finding (not stealing) ideas is the simplest way of making a blog or a website look professional, with engaging content and, most important of all, keeping visitors instead of turning them away.

Blog’s can be added to any website, e-commerce store or online application. Typically using a product called WordPress, these blogs can be styled to match current the current design, seamlessly integrating with whatever’s there.

Perceptant101 are WordPress Designers & Developers and posses over 5 years experience with this innovative platform. Whether you wish to have an integrated blog, website or online store developed in WordPress, they can help.

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