Zencart E-Commerce Store Combines Fashion with Function

Perceptant101 are Zencart Developers based in Sheffield, UK

Zencart Store Mixes Fasion with Function

Based near Cambridge, England, Catieb Designs is a creator of chic, glamorous and high-quality jewellery.

Catieb Designs wanted to enhance the looks and functionality of its Zencart web store, which was being slowed down by its hosting and riddled with incorrectly styled pages, text, images and headings. The company needed an e-commerce site that was as stylish and well-made as its own designs, but it was becoming increasingly frustrated with its existing web designers and developers and decided to look for a more stable and experienced partner. After researching the market, Catieb Designs chose Perceptant 101 to put things right.

Perceptant 101 moved the site to its secure, dedicated UK hosting environment before configuring the MySQL Zencart database and setting up the environment to ensure optimal performance. Once that was done, Perceptant 101 correctly configured a number of Zencart plugins to provide the functionality the company wanted, and implemented several styling improvements to visually enhance the site and correct design flaws.

The Catieb Designs website now combines consistent styling with faster, more streamlined performance, delivering the functionality and flair that the fashion house needs.

CatieB Designs: http://www.catiebdesigns.com
Perceptant 101: http://www.perceptant101.com

About Perceptant101
From humble beginnings in London, Perceptant 101 is now one of the UK’s fastest growing providers of Website Design, Web Development and SEO services.

Headquartered in between Sheffield and Chesterfield, close to the Peak District, the company houses many of the UK’s leading Website Designers and Web Developers, as well as a proven track record across a range of Open Source technolgies including Drupal, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Magento and more.

To contact Perceptant101, please call +44 (0)1246 267990 or visit their website http://www.perceptant101.com

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