Perceptant101 Win Top Website Design Award

Perceptant101 win the Riply Award for Website Development

It came out of the blue but this morning there was an email waiting for me titled “Your Site Has Won the Ripley Award” for website design and web development excellence.

Naturally, I assumed it was some blanket message, promoting the virtues of a new directory service or Google backlink scheme!

After an hour I couldn’t resist the urge to open it any longer and to my surprise it turned out to be an award from Website Launchpad for our own site

It transpires that our summer intern, impressed with our work, submitted the site for review. A week later, out of all the sites these guys sift through, ours came out top. What an honour!

Our thanks obviously go to Megan (intern) and the folks at Website Launchpad. Oh and before I forget, our customers, my Mum, the World…

award winning web design sheffield




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