10 Domain Naming and Logo Design Tips

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The ‘M’ is constructed with a tick to indicate correctness

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Sometimes in the excitement of kicking off a new website thinking of a new domain name can get a bit lost and may not get the attention it deserves. It’s really important to spend a bit of time on domain naming otherwise you may be stuck with an inappropriate name for quite a while.

There is a tendency to pick keywords to help with rankings, which can lead to rather long names that people can’t be bothered to type in. Then there’s always the possibility that your potential visitor can’t remember your full name so they search for you in Google and find your competitors instead.

10 Domain Naming Tips:

1. Use a Thesaurus to get ideas and play around with related words. Keep this going to exhaustion. The more words you have the more opportunities you find.

2. I like to use mindmap software such as FreeMind so that I can cluster ideas together.

3. When you have ideas note them down, type them out and see what they look like in different fonts using tools such as www.dafont.com. You may discover hidden benefits. For example: We recently registered the domain name proggles.com which is derived from ‘pocket reading goggles’. In the right font the ‘gg’ looks like a pair of goggles.

4. Don’t rush in – sleep on it. A great name takes time to come up with.

5. Mash words together to create a great domain name. For example: I always admired the new build property website ‘nubricks.com’. Then use a dictionary or Google to check that your new name doesn’t have a popular usage outside your business sector, or have a meaning that you didn’t know about. Some while back I created a new concept in apartment rental which I called Virtual Hotel 48. The domain name I registered was vh48.com which is popularly know in the electronics industry as a 3 way splitter.

6. Pick a name that suits your business.

7. Use a domain name registration company like 123-reg.co.uk to check that the name is available, and make sure that you can get the .com. If someone else has your perfect domain check if they are using it.

8. Names invoke colours and feelings and will dictate the look and feel of your website. You need to ensure that the words will look good in your logo. They may even present the opportunity to reinforce some of part of your message visually. For example: We have recently worked on the logo design for www.skillsmatched.com and www.fotimo.com. The ‘M’ in skills matched has been created using a tick in a box to indicate correctness. Which also dictated the colour green for go. The ‘O’ in fotimo has been used to indicate art and copyright.


9. If you are unhappy picking names for yourself, you can use a professional naming service such as ours. Drop us an email at info@perceptant101.com to discuss.

10. Use a professional graphic design service for your logo. Don’t try to do this yourself unless you have a degree in graphic design or are a trained artist. Nothing says amateur like a poorly designed logo. If you  need assistance with this drop an email to info@perceptant101.com and we will be glad to help or advise.

We would love to hear your thoughts and stories regarding your domain names and logos.

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