10 Domain Naming and Logo Design Tips

pre-employment skills testing

The ‘M’ is constructed with a tick to indicate correctness

Copyright Protection

Art student Copyright Protection

Sometimes in the excitement of kicking off a new website thinking of a new domain name can get a bit lost and may not get the attention it deserves. It’s really important to spend a bit of time on domain naming otherwise you may be stuck with an inappropriate name for quite a while.

There is a tendency to pick keywords to help with rankings, which can lead to rather long names that people can’t be bothered to type in. Then there’s always the possibility that your potential visitor can’t remember your full name so they search for you in Google and find your competitors instead.

10 Domain Naming Tips:

1. Use a Thesaurus to get ideas and play around with related words. Keep this going to exhaustion. The more words you have the more opportunities you find.

2. I like to use mindmap software such as FreeMind so that I can cluster ideas together.

3. When you have ideas note them down, type them out and see what they look like in different fonts using tools such as www.dafont.com. You may discover hidden benefits. For example: We recently registered the domain name proggles.com which is derived from ‘pocket reading goggles’. In the right font the ‘gg’ looks like a pair of goggles.

4. Don’t rush in – sleep on it. A great name takes time to come up with.

5. Mash words together to create a great domain name. For example: I always admired the new build property website ‘nubricks.com’. Then use a dictionary or Google to check that your new name doesn’t have a popular usage outside your business sector, or have a meaning that you didn’t know about. Some while back I created a new concept in apartment rental which I called Virtual Hotel 48. The domain name I registered was vh48.com which is popularly know in the electronics industry as a 3 way splitter.

6. Pick a name that suits your business.

7. Use a domain name registration company like 123-reg.co.uk to check that the name is available, and make sure that you can get the .com. If someone else has your perfect domain check if they are using it.

8. Names invoke colours and feelings and will dictate the look and feel of your website. You need to ensure that the words will look good in your logo. They may even present the opportunity to reinforce some of part of your message visually. For example: We have recently worked on the logo design for www.skillsmatched.com and www.fotimo.com. The ‘M’ in skills matched has been created using a tick in a box to indicate correctness. Which also dictated the colour green for go. The ‘O’ in fotimo has been used to indicate art and copyright.


9. If you are unhappy picking names for yourself, you can use a professional naming service such as ours. Drop us an email at info@perceptant101.com to discuss.

10. Use a professional graphic design service for your logo. Don’t try to do this yourself unless you have a degree in graphic design or are a trained artist. Nothing says amateur like a poorly designed logo. If you  need assistance with this drop an email to info@perceptant101.com and we will be glad to help or advise.

We would love to hear your thoughts and stories regarding your domain names and logos.

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World Cup Fever Grips Website Developer

Football ticket broker site

Event broker website

We were delighted to produce a winning bid for the development of a new ticket broker website which specialises in the sale and purchase of football tickets for major sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, European finals and domestic league games around Europe for teams such as Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Arsenal.

Beautiful graphic design coupled with clever application integration to Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), SugarCRM, will deliver a world class e-commerce application, enabling the public to buy and sell tickets for all major soccer events and make significant profits.

Integration with popular payments gateways such as PayPal and WorldPay will provide the public with a choice of payments methods including Visa and MasterCard as well as American Express of course.


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Web Diary Helps Patients to See Their Optician

Long homepage design

Ocuco’s web diary demonstration site

We are excited to launch a new microsite to demonstrate the new opticians web diary facility developed for Ocuco Ltd.

Ocuco Ltd are global market leaders in developing software for optometrists, opticians, ophthalmologists and optical labs. Their practice management software is installed in over 5000 sites worldwide.

The web site demonstrates the new online diary exclusively created for independent opticians. This web dairy will help the opticians with their patients to perform online booking from anywhere in an instant. Just as perceptant101 evolves, it strives to bring value to its customers.

Perceptant101 has an excellent track record of developing complex web based business applications and creating microsites and landing pages to promote products for more than 10 years now. Perceptant101 has always blended experience and expertise  to create a fully integrated solutions seamlessly.

The web diary to enables patients to book appointment 24/7 from regular browsers, tablets and smart phones. The web diary provides a multi-channel service for patients who can book from any Internet location, iPad or iPhone or your Galaxy Nexus on the move or in person at the practice. The patients can register for the first time or login to an existing account and make appointments with a confirmed time on a 24×7 basis. So, say goodbye to late night phone calls.

The new web diary is sleek and stylish and is brimming with new features to try. The appointments are presented on a calendar with day, week and month views. The patients can now choose a preferred appointment slots that are presented accordingly. Whats more is it attracts new prospective patients and has proven to do so for the opticians who have already implemented this solution. It has new imagery that makes the navigation more user-friendly and encourages user interaction.

As an additional complimentary appointment booking function, the optician can define which areas of their practice diary should be made available on the web. This means patients can book live and even at odd hours when the practice doors are closed.

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Drupal and Coffee Do Mix

Drupal Web Developers

Website redesign for La Spaziale


Whenever we think of coffee, Italy and Expresso spring to mind. However when arguably the leading supplier of Italian Coffee machines thinks about the web, what springs to mind? Err Drupal…

La Spaziale

For over 40 years, La Spaziale has been a leading Italian espresso machine manufacturer, helping found UCIMAC, the Italian Coffee Machine Manufacturers Association, which promotes and develops Italian coffee machines across the world.

The founders of the La Spaziale company decided in 1969 to develop their own style of machine that, through their unique heat exchange system, would produce better espresso, was simple in idea, easy to use and uncomplicated for an engineer to work on.

Since then, La Spaziale have been manufacturing and supplying award-winning coffee machines around the World.

Website Redesign

Fast forward to 2012 and their UK distributor, La Spaziale UK realised that a redesigned corporate website, focused on both consumers and resellers, could drive significant improvements for their business.

Following a review of the market and a competitive tendering process, Perceptant101 was selected to design and develop the new site.

The brief was simply to design a unique site that showcased their range of products in an elegant yet sophisticated way (how very Italian!). La Spaziale did not want to use an existing template or take cues from other sites, this one was to be ‘unique’.

The Solution

Therefore, the wire-framing and mock-up phases were fairly labour intensive and took over 6 weeks to finish. On the face of it, they highlighted a distinctive design, bespoke navigation and never used before carousel product scrolling.

As with so many mock-ups though, transforming them in to a fully working, ‘pixel perfect’ website, really does cut the wheat from the chaff.

Using the Drupal Content Management System, HTML5 and CSS3, not only did the mock-ups come alive but the finished site perfectly represents them, in all their former glory.


La Spaziale UK are delighted with the results and intend to showcase the Drupal site on their stand at the UK’s leading cafe bar trading event, Caffe Culture on 15-16 May @ Olympia London.

About Drupal

Drupal is a free software package that allows you to easily organise, manage and publish your content, with an endless variety of customisation.

Drupal is open source software maintained and developed by a community of 630,000+ users and developers. It’s distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (or “GPL”), which means anyone is free to download it and share it with others. This open development model means that people are constantly working to make sure Drupal is a cutting-edge platform that supports the latest technologies that the Web has to offer. The Drupal project’s principles encourage modularity, standards, collaboration, ease-of-use, and more.

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School Self-Evaluation an Internet Success Story!

Stop Battling Mr Gove, You’ve Won…

An overhaul of school evaluation and performance management is at the core of Michael Gove’s UK educational improvement plans.

Whilst on the face of it surmountable, the Department of Education (DoE) and Ofsted have a myriad of paper-based forms, evaluation submissions and reporting to automate, if a more streamlined, transparent and robust practice is to become reality.

Teasing this out of already stretched teachers and school leaders is a tricky task and without applying the wonders of modern technology it is difficult to see how Mr Gove’s dreams will ever be realised.

Step forward the Academies Enterprise Trust (AET), the UK’s fastest growing Academy chain, chaired by the irrepressible David Triggs.

Since its inception in 2008, AET has used technology and best practice as key enablers of its Academy programme. Frequently using them to transform underperforming schools and guide their leaders to a path of self-enrichment.

Whilst conflicting views abound about the ‘Academy Programme’, it is difficult to see how else the Government would have undertaken such radical reforms and cracked so few eggs.

As an ex-teacher, I take my hat off to Michael Gove. As a supporter of the Labour Party, I do this rather begrudgingly.

It strikes me as obvious that some of the tools and best practices used by organisations like AET need to filter through to our traditional schools. Whilst the National Union of Teachers (NUT) view this as encroachment or meddling, I for one see it as a necessity.

Take for example AET’s (www.academiesenterprisetrust.org) recently released Accelerate Improvement (AI) system. AI is an online portal devised by AET to support its Academies, which this year received major investment and a comprehensive overhaul. Its primary purpose is to aid Academies in the completion of rigorous self-evaluation, across subjects, departments and the entire school.

It’s a very comprehensive system, yet easy to use and encompasses a full account of the Every Child Matters Key Outcomes in completing academy/school review and self-evaluation documents, including the Ofsted SEF-summary.

It helps academies routinely manage their evidence in ways that are particularly useful during Ofsted inspection and also supports working in the future with school improvement partners and other stakeholders.

However, AI does not stop there. It goes even further by providing a range of tools for school leaders. These include:

  • School improvement plans can be generated from criteria identified within the self-evaluation.
  • Comprehensive staff management tools can be used to record and complete staff assessments.
  • Evidence from lesson observations, and views of parents/learners can be captured through surveys and used in rigorously reviewing the academy’s performance in coming to robust self-evaluation judgments.

In my former life as part of a school leadership team, we could only dream about such a system. How on earth can AET, with a far smaller budget than the DoE, manage to orchestrate this in such a short time period? It’s beyond me!

Further digging uncovers an equally amazing feat. The AI portal wasn’t designed and developed by a heavyweight like Cap Gemini. It was actually born out of a little known web development outfit based in North East Derbyshire, called Perceptant101.

If you look at their website (www.perceptant101.com) they make no mention of their partnership with AET, let alone their ability to deliver what must have been a complex and large scale project. Modesty exists, even in the IT sector!

Moving on, if you contrast the AI portal with what currently exists within our traditional and much loved educational system, it is not difficult to see why the NUT may feel marginalised and Michael Gove fixated on change.

At present, Ofsted has a handful of forms that can be completed online, little if any performance management is undertaken in schools and Governors often lack the basic information, visibility and measurement needed to navigate.

The way that schools are managed and measured must change. Whilst key factions continue to challenge reform, I strongly believe that they are fighting a losing battle. As I see it, change is inevitable and will be for the good of the whole educational system.

About the author

Jayne Dines is a former teacher and proud mother to four wonderful children. A stalwart of the public education system and supporter of the NUT, Jayne spends her free time following and writing about trends and changes within the UK educational sector.

This article was reproduced from the original found at http://jaynedines.hubpages.com/hub/education-uk

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Magento Propels Silversmiths to Corner the Web…

The New Hersey Magento Online StoreEstablished in 1955, M. C. Hersey & Son Ltd is a Silversmiths based in London. The business specialises in the manufacture of sterling silver tableware as well as jewellery and contemporary silver gifts. All their silverware bears their own hallmark and until recently was only available by visiting exclusive stores.

Step forward to 2013, Hersey has just released it’s new Magento based e-Commerce website, www.hersey.co.uk, enabling everyone to easily purchase their products.

Designed and developed by the award-winning Perceptant101 (http://www.perceptant101.com), the store features some exclusive functionality, never before seen in Magento based sites.

The project took a little over 3 months to deliver, from original sketches and wireframes to fully operational store. Hersey are delighted with the end result, so much so, that they are promoting the entire project and it’s new partnership with Perceptant101 via the general press and specialist media.

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Sheffield Personal Trainer + WordPress = Success…

LEP Fitness SheffieldSheffield personal trainer, LEP Fitness, realised that a website was key to business development and customer service. Not only would a well orchestrated site attract new customers but it could also be an excellent medium to engage and communicate with existing customers.

Nick Screeton, the man behind LEP Fitness, sketched out his ideas and began interviewing Sheffield web designers with a view to having the new site operational in 2013.

What quickly became apparent to Nick was that having the site built in a Content Management System (CMS) would be key. By using a CMS, LEP Fitness would be able to update the content, pictures and graphics across the site themselves, greatly reducing cost of ownership and speeding up changes.

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How to Increase & Convert Website Visitors…

Increasing traffic to a website is obviously important, even essential to the success of any online business. But driving traffic to your site or your blog is only a part of a process which should be a seamless assembly of its parts. If visitors are met with a confused welcome, colours which are over-bright or content which is purely about selling to them, then they will quickly search elsewhere.

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Starting an Online Business? Do the Groundwork!

Think of the planet’s most successful businesses over the last decade or so, and you will associate them with the internet and online trading – Google, Amazon and Facebook, to name but three.

They have all tapped into the enormous potential of doing business online. The mere fact that their customers think they are getting something for free is one very important factor in the success of these and other online businesses.

Imagine, for instance, that sending an email cost as much as posting a letter in the UK –  60 pence is only the starting price for a First Class stamp – and it is easy to see where online businesses have the advantage. Add the cost of office space, costs of travel to work, and the idea of an online business, especially one where you can work from home, becomes progressively more attractive.

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Google Adwords – How to Increase Your Quality Score


seo-experts-ukQuality score has a dramatic effect on your keywords cost per click and position in the search results.

Our customers, many of who invest thousands (£) in ‘Pay-Per-Click’ campaigns, are often mystified by how their quality scores are calculated and seek our advice on Pay-Per-Click-Management.

The purpose therefore of this article is to demystify Google’s quality score algorithm, with a real-world example, including 10 ways in which you too could improve your quality score.

As most of us know, Google’s quality score ranges from 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. The higher the score, the lower the cost per click. You could argue that this isn’t the granular information you need, but it has been a great help for those trying to diagnose why their PPC bids are so high.

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